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Legacy Arts and Film Lab produces high quality films, documentaries, short films and commercial advertisements. We also do commissioned film projects to help our partners reach their targeted audience through unique storytelling that involves in-depth research, and a collective creative process. We create, market and showcase our works to the general public with pride as we do quality work.

Film Production

Below are the films that we have produced. Some  are available in Showmax

Otis janam

Otis Janam

In Homa Bay County, Jatelo Okoth organizes a boat racing competition with a unique prize – his youngest daughter, Api’s hand in marriage. The lazy village drunk, Janam, tired of bachelorhood, joins and defeats the village beast, Ojwang. Janam marries Api, treating her like a queen.

However, after Api’s father’s death, Janam’s behavior changes. He mistreats Api, marries another woman, and falls back into his toxic habits. With a boat racing competition offering a cash prize, Janam plans to marry his first love, Achienge. Meanwhile, Api, tired of disrespect, enters the competition to pursue her dream of owning a knitting shop. Despite Janam’s threats, Api competes, sparking disbelief as husband and wife vie for the prize, each with their own motivations.

Sisters Alone

After an impatient nanny abandons them, two split kids must survive at home alone. With their parents far from home, what could possibly go wrong? After an impatient nanny abandons them, two split kids must survive at home alone. With their parents far from home, what could possibly go wrong? This is a Feature Film on Showmax. Click below to watch...

Midlife Crisis

Four women, Four Wishes, Four Walls. When Gigi, a 40yr old spinster informs her three friends that she is at the clinic, they all decide to meet up at her place and divulge in deep secrets and moments as they console with Gigi on her desperation for a baby. They share in laughter, conflicts, love, jealousy and friendship that make their lives truly a midlife crisis.


This is a short film about a 13year old who is continually defiled by her step father and her mother silences her, until her elder brother discovers and takes action. The film was shot under the support of AMNESTY for the Amnesty Schools Project on Gender Based Violence, in conjunction with Local Youth Groups. Other short Films under this project are THE END with Talanta Africa, and PIECES by Mizizi Africa, while silence was done together with Wasanii Arts.

Theatre Production

Below are our theatre production. Watch out for new and fresh productions every year.

Zanzi Madness

ZANZI MADNESS is a One Woman Stand-Up Storytelling Show on a Zippys Solo Workation Trip to Zanzibar. The story is laced with bits of her adventurous escapades, and quest for the exhilarating thrills we have heard about Zanzibar from food, men, casual relationships, religion and tourism. It's one Culture Shock after another, laced with a child curiosity that can only be described in Zippy's voice as she takes us on a journey of self discovery and fun of a lifetime that makes us wonder, Perhaps a solo trip is true freedom or being single in Zanzibar is the epitome of madness!
legacy arts and film lab: Mama's Mirror

Mama's Mirror

MAMA'S MIRROR is a One Woman Stand-Up Storytelling Show on African Mothers and Daughters. It takes us on Dr. Zippy's relationship with her mother from childhood, youth and motherhood. She tells of her mother growing up in Nairobi to getting married and living in the small town of Homa Bay, while reflecting on Zippy's life in the village to living in Nairobi at the peak of her youth and the re-awakening of the life and bustle her mother told her about the City and men. We see a reflection of her bubbly, ambitious, activist mother in Zippy and realise that the more things change the more they remain the same. She tells of mind blowing growing up experiences, love, and death in a gripping story that is hard to ignore. This is the story of an enigma reborn from Dorcas to Zippy.

Side Chick Wife

SIDE CHICK WIFE is a Stand-Up Storytelling Show on the Love, Dating and Marriage Scene in Nairobi. Performed by the Bold and Controversial Storyteller Dr. Zippy Okoth, who shares her real life experiences and stories with a touch of humour and truth that can only be re-lived through her voice. She tells of mind blowing love experiences and heartbreaks, of being wifed and side chicked and not knowing which is what, or where she is. Every woman and man relates coz her story is your story. She tells it all in SIDE CHICK WIFE!

Strange Voices

This is a One Woman Play about domestic violence/abuse. The play looks at social, religious and economic pressures to stay in abusive marriages. The stigma that faces divorced persons, the struggles through the separation, the place of the child in the marriage. The search for oneself, for God and for solace.
Stranger in my bed

Stranger in My Bed

Fusing drama, dance and storytelling enactment,  this story talks about the life of a young girl, a performing artist, who gets into a long distance love and then a  marriage at the age of 25 yrs to a military man. The marriage then becomes abusive emotionally, physically and sexually, and after 5 years of struggling for survival, the loss of her son, and trying all ways to save the marriage, she leaves with nothing except one handbag and her baby and starts a new life.


The musical is a real ensemble of drama dance and music. It is a contemporary adaptation on an African mythology on the Nilotic migration from Sudan. This is a story about three brothers Labong’o, Nyikal and Bor who get into conflict because of child rivalry that has grown into their adulthood

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Oops Zippy From The Diary Of A Divorced Woman by Zippora Agatha Okoth (Dr. Zippy Okoth)

OOPS ZIPPY: The Diary of a Divorced Woman, is an account of the life of Zippy, a 25 year old performing artist, who falls in love with a young military man. It narrates their romantic love life that ended in an abusive marriage full of infidelity, physical abuse and finally trauma, following the loss of their son. 


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