About Us

We use Art for Social Change through production of quality films and theatre productions to inspire, empower and embrace the power of the African Narratives.

Legacy Arts and Film Lab aim is to continually produce quality feature films, documentaries, theatre productions and stage musicals with a focus on creating an avenue to use theatre & film and the arts for social change and to promote and nurture talent in the arts and film. Legacy Arts and Film Lab also holds periodic film and theatre workshops on performance art and film techniquesLegacy Arts and Film lab hosts the Annual Lake International PanAfrican Film festival (LIPFF) which takes place in November every year since 2016, being uniquely the African Festival for Films in African Languages. The organization runs Legacy kids Film club and the Smart Teens Forum and organizes the Necklace forum, which addresses Gender Based Violence through art and forum talks.

Our Company

Legacy arts and film lab is a duly registered organization in Kenya since 2015, with both the Company Business Section the Community Based Organisation section for its Community Social Responsibility and Mentorship Program.

Meet The Team

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Founder/ Director

Dr. Zippora Okoth

Dr. Zippora Agatha Okoth has over 15yrs experience in Film and Theatre Arts. She holds the First PhD in theatre Arts from a Kenyan University. She is an expert on Creative Arts, Education, Gender and Development Issues. She is a Lecturer of Theatre Arts and Film at Kenyatta University and a French African Young Leaders Foundation Laurette. She is the Co-founder and Festival Director of the Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF) which focuses on Films in African Languages. She has served as a member of the Kenya Film Policy task force, the Kenya Cultural Centre Act task force and as an Executive Committee member of the Kenya National Music and Cultural Festival under the Ministry of Sports and Heritage. She has also done consultancies for various organisations on Education Curriculum, Gender Mainstreaming and Development. She was the top Judge for the Ms President Reality TV Show on KTN HOMEKenya, and has served as a Jury in various Film Festivals in Eastern Africa. She is an author, Performing Artist, Storyteller, an award winning Director and Producer. She is the Director of the feature Film ‘Midlife Crisis’. She is an Artivist and her works focus on changing the African Narrative and with a great focus on Women Issues. She believes that Art is a powerful tool for Social Change.

Project manager

Ms. Suki Wanza Nyadawa

Suki Wanza Nyadawa is a project manager with over 15 years experience. She has worked on training curriculums, and teacher’s session modules for various organizations. Ms Nyadawa is the festival coordinator of the Lake International Panafrican Film Festival (LIPFF) which is in its 6th year. Suki Wanza is an expert in community development and community theatre and enjoys working on programmes addressing youth issues. She is a trained peer educator, trainer of trainers, project and grants manager. She has a large experience working on USAID funded projects in Coast and Rift Valley in Kenya. Suki is also a rapporteur and consultant especially with organizational management issues. Suki is an adjunct lecturer at Kenyatta University and Multimedia University teaching in the departments of film and theatre arts. Suki is the assistant secretary at the Nakuru Players Society and treasurer for Enduata Housing Society. She is also on the TVET/CDACC committee for theatre and a trained assessor for all theatre courses in tertiary institutions. Ms Wanza has been jury for various acclaimed artistic awards and competition within the country including the Women in Film Awards and the Kenya Cultural Centre sponsored Virtual Competition – musicals. Suki is a prolific performing artist for many years. Her achievements include appearing in many award winning productions both on screen and on stage.

Project Coordinator

Vigilance Atieno

Vigilance is graduate of Film and Theatre Arts from Kenyatta University and a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Alumni, a program that shaped her leadership journey. She is an innovative, independent filmmaker and project coordinator at Legacy Arts and Film Lab with over five years’ experience and a firm believer in the power of communication and art in public advocacy as an authoritative tool in challenging and highlighting social norms and issues through her involvement in informative productions such as Bangarang (2021) narrating the history of political violence in Kenya, Silence (2020) highlighting the issue of defilement and culture of silence within homes, YALI Cohort 21 International Women’s Day Documentary (2018) celebrating and recognizing the power of women, The Runaway (2017) tackling the issue of human trafficking, Broken (2017) that tackles on mental health and Lotta (2016) tackling the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Masai Culture. She is also the project programs coordinator of La Femme Initiative, a youth-lead organization that aims to bring women together under the theme “Making the impossible, possible” and to spark engagement towards development and sustainability. She is also the festival manager for Lake International Pan-African Film Festival (LIPFF).

Project Coordinator

Abraham Melita

Known as Abu Melita, he is a Kenyan filmmaker, Director and Producer with experience as a Grips Assistant. He has worked on local and international projects including documentaries for organizations like USAID, ACTIONAID, Safaricom, Guinness – made of black TVCs. He has also done Local commercials and TV Productions including KCB-Lion’s den, as well as various production houses including Quite Bright films, Ginger-ink productions, Fat Rain Film Productions and Film Studios Kenya. A film student from Kenyatta University his thirst for storytelling has seen him work on music videos, TV commercials, TV shows and documentaries for the past 9 years with exemplary dynamism that has seen his work recognized and used CBS TV and Kenyan TV Channels.


Legacy arts and film lab is a duly registered organization in Kenya since 2015, with both the Company Business Section the Community Based Organisation section for its Community Social Responsibility and Mentorship Program


To be a dynamic organization on the use Art for Social Change through production of quality films and theatre productions, and to create a network of creative artists that inspire, empower and embrace the power of the African Narratives. Our core values include:


LIPFF Festival

Legacy Arts and Film Lab founded the Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival(LIPFF) in 2016, due to the gap in Festivals for Films in African Languages. We believe that African stories need to be told in African Languages as authentic as can be. The Festival has various activities from film screenings, workshops, panel discussions, Open forums, local tourism and the Gala Awards Ceremony.


Legacy Arts and Film Lab produces high quality films, documentaries, short films and commercial advertisements. We also do commissioned film projects to help our partners reach their targeted audience through unique storytelling that involves in-depth research, and a collective creative process. We create, market and showcase our works to the general public with pride as we do quality work.


We offer consultancies on Creative Arts, Gender, Development, Community and Education. We have a passion for works that involve advocacy, empowerment, Civic Education, and Public Participation on Socio-political and economic issues. This involves but is not limited to Strategic Plan Development, Gender Mainstreaming and Community Advocacy. We believe through combining research and the creative arts, the community gets more empowered in an amicable environment, thus creating a deeper lasting and positive impact.